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13 Going on 30

If y’all can remember this movie, then y’all my kinds of people, but even if y’all can’t remember y’all still my kinds of people. Ok so to refresh your memory it’s about a girl that makes a wish on her 13th birthday to be all grown up, and as they do in movies she wakes up the next day as a 30year old adult (Jennifer Garner) who does not remember anything about the last years leading up to her 30th and she feels like and still thinks she is the 13-year-old kid even though she is and looks 30. This movie also costars the incredible Hulk himself Mr. Mark Ruffalo, before his green days. Are the bells of remembrance going off now?

This is kind of how I felt leading up to my 30th birthday. Like I woke up one day and boom, I was an adult, like where did my life go? All of a sudden, I have my own home, a husband, a little human to feed, bills to pay? I myself am still a little human, that needs to be taken care of, this can’t be right, right.

I ask myself the question, which I’m sure has crossed your mind a couple of times, like what have I accomplished on this earth for the last 30 years that I’ve been roaming it. What do I have to show for having the privilege to still breathe? Am I just a waste of space and oxygen? Then just as I am about to go down that rabbit hole of self-hate, loathing, and just pure ungratefulness I’m reminded of the song/ hymn that goes, “count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done, count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”.

So I’m not a millionaire yet, emphasis on yet. So I haven’t married Rey Mysterio Jr (WWE) now don’t go judging we were both short and I sensed he was cute under that mask, which he was(score). So I only have one home and my husband and I have to share a car. I have more to be thankful for then to feel bad about. Yes, I have accomplished, but a few things in my short stint on earth thus far.

 I’ll tell you what I am proud of and blessed to have. I am/was a Registered Nurse, (Why I left Nursing) I have been working ever since I can remember and had numerous jobs that have put me in the unique position of meeting new and interesting people, I am a co homeowner (community of property), co-business owner, am married to the best man ever, have a beautiful daughter, a family that is crazy but always there, an extended family not by blood but by connect group/home cell/church who have seen me through some tough times.

What I’ve learned thus far on my short stint on this earth is the following. It is very easy to beat yourself up over things you haven’t accomplished yet, especially when looking at others your age that might have done more. All I can say to that is, no two persons are the same so you cannot draw a comparison even if you guys started at the same time with the same opportunities. You have to do you boo and focus on you, with that being said you have to put in the work to attain your goals if you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got. And if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it. Make sense?  

So never forget to celebrate you, and what better time than with your birthday? I mean the possibilities that come with another year of life are endless, just tap into it and run with it, not easy I know but totally worth it. I can go, on and on about how you can do it and how amazing you are and you have a particular set of skills(Liam Neeson) that the world may be looking for, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make this life your own and do you…. Whatever that may be. So take that leap if you haven’t done so already, and if you have well done, tell us procrastinating folk still trying to figure it out your journey and how you got there, you never know who you may inspire.

As always these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets OUT.

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