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Dove Even Tone, Yay or Nay

I don’t know about you, but my underarms are dark, and I don’t like displaying them for this particular reason. About 6 weeks ago I decided I’m going to put Dove Even Tone to the test. You see, I love a good advert, and the dove one really intrigued me as it had a bunch of ladies all talking at once about the different home remedies you can use to make the skin under your arms lighter. The advert does not focus on the remedies but much rather on the fact that with this new Dove you won’t need any home remedies. The advert says:”Stop looking for a solution, Dove is the simple solution,” and it will give you visibly Even-Toned underarms in just 14 days.

I told myself i’ll give it more than 14 days because I believe change can take time, so I bought myself the roll-on and the antiperspirant spray, shaved my underarms and took some before pictures. As you can see in my before pics below, my underarms are quite dark an needed some even-skin-toning to happen. Even though using roll-on and spray is not rocket science I did not want to be accused of using this incorrectly and decided to read the label for both and followed the instructions to the T. The roll-on instructions basically said, allow to dry before dressing with caution not to use on broken skin and to stop use if irritation or rash occurs. The spray had the same one with the additional shake before use and hold 15cm away from underarm.

Needless to say, I followed those instructions religiously; allowing for enough drying time before dressing and even measuring 15cm for a few times before I knew more or less how far about 15cms was. if I knew I wasn’t going to be able to let the roll-on dry in time I would use the spray as it dried quicker.

Days rolled by and became weeks and here I am with my after pictures. Now I was taught to give constructive feedback, always starting with the good and working my way to the ‘nor so good’, so here goes.


1- it had a pleasant smell

2- the spray dried quickly.


1- halfway through my day I stopped smelling fresh, I actually felt that I had a bit of an odour; and we’re not even in summer.

2- my underarms are still very dark. I don’t feel like it’s lighter or even-toned for that matter. See after pic.

3- it is not cheap, and a waste of my time, money, and effort.

Guys, I feel so disappointed i’ll place pics side by side below then you can compare for yourself. Now the advert did say Even-Toned, not lighter toned. So I am not entirely sure if that means my light spots will become darker, thus making it even-toned but dark, (if that makes any sense…). So while writing this I decided to check on Doves Facebook and Insta page and found a video on the product that says 8 out of 10 women can see the difference. However, I feel that if that is the case, the least they can do is include that lil’ bit of Ts&Cs in the original add. I mean, why do I only see the advert that says you can do away with home remedies and that this works? Based on my experiment and use of the product, I personally do not recommend these products to anyone and would perhaps say, stick to your home remedies for now, and share the ones that actually worked for us to try maybe?

If you had a different outcome please be so kind and share with the rest of us. As for me, I think I represent the 20% (2 out of the 10) for whom this product does not work.

As always, these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets Out.

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