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Have I Been Eating Royal Baking Powder?

If you were really into adverts like I was back in the day, you can still see the girl taping on her mom’s big belly, asking her pregnant mom if she ate baking powder suggesting that the baking powder gave her a big belly/made her pregnant. So let me tell you about the time I thought I ate some baking powder…

Let me set the scene for you, imagine if you will, there I am, in the very early hours of the morning sneaking out of bed to secretly pee on a stick. This was not a new experience for me. I’ve had my fair share of peeing on sticks before then, one would even call me an expert, so much so that I knew that a fresh morning (first morning) mid-stream catch( where you pee a little in toilet pinch/hold your pee then pee for the test) was the most accurate… anyway, I digress… So there I was in my mom’s bathroom/toilet, door locked behind me reading the instructions carefully…..yes, yes even an expert needs a refresher after a sabbatical. Next thing you know, I hear a knock on the bathroom door.

Assuming it was my mom, I politely announced that it is occupied; in Afrikaans, I shouted, IEMAND, then… silence; and I assumed mom went back to bed.

Then I heard a faint knock again, this time I made sure the “knocker” can hear that someone is busy inside. Unexpectedly, I just hear hubby dearest saying: “open up, it’s me’. At this point, I open up ‘coz well… Oscar shot his GF through a locked door and all, guys! (wait too soon?). Mr. Life’s Good enters and immediately proceeds to tell me that I’m not doing this alone. At first, I acted as if I was just in the loo on my normal business, but he knew I wasn’t.

This experience was a weird one for me guys. Weird for a few reasons ‘coz:

1) My guy can sleep for days once he’s out, and, 2) He was never with all the other stick peeing moments, and 3) if I was pregnant, then we’d be finding out at the same time. That would surely make it difficult to secretly record his reaction for YouTube as I give him the news that he’d be making the daddy team while I hand him a baby Stormers t-shirt that I already had waiting in my cupboard…

He was ruining all my plans…

Anyway, I was promptly informed that he is not leaving ‘till I peed on the stick. If you know us, you’d know that we poop in front of each other and even hold each other company while the other one is doing a number. So peeing in front of him has been done numerous times before, however, peeing on a stick in front of him was foreign to me; add the fact that My Guy was literally watching my every move, even objecting when I instructed him to look away, made this whole thing crazy to me. Then came the excruciatingly long wait. I mean 2 mins felt like an eternity, making noodles takes less time than this. As we waited, my mind went into overdrive, I already imagined a negative test and was thinking of ways I could cheer Mr. Life’s Good up once he finds out we not expecting.

Eventually, the time was up and we could see the results. Mr. Life’s good, was sitting on the edge of the bath while I stood between his legs as he held me. I picked up the stick and saw that it had 2 stripes on it. My heart started pounding, I checked the instructions to make sure that the result is valid and sure enough it was. I told Mr. Life’s good the good news and he almost screamed but realized that it was too early and the sleeping people would probably get a huge fright and think something is wrong like a robbery or death or something bad like that. There we were in the bathroom, embraced with emotions of, excitement, happiness, anxiety, and even a little fear, so I did what comes naturally, I started to crying.

This was on a Saturday morning, and we decided that we would not tell a soul. NO ONE! NO! ONE! NO Onnnne (Alicia Keys singing voice) until we go to the doctor on Monday and received, confirmation with blood test and scans. That entire weekend was so torturous…. I mean Mr. Life’s good has a big mouth and we were at a 2 day training weekend surrounded by people dear to us whom we love and so he just wanted to blab and announce to the world we’re having a baby(ok so maybe I wanted to do that as well). Come Monday; we did the blood and scan and found out we were five and a half weeks pregnant. Not long after, we told our close family e.g. the grandparents and aunts and uncles to be, we decided to wait a while before announcing to the world, and we eventually did that too with a beautiful video announcement (see link…..)

A lot of people judged us for announcing it so early to the world; saying what if we lose the baby, or the all-time favorite –“not everyone on your social media will be happy for you, they may even wish harm upon baby” to which our replies were simple, God is in control and protecting our baby and we have been sharing so much of our lives on social media we will not let negativity dictate what we share and what we do not. As much as there are people who may wish us harm, there are twice as many, maybe even more, wishing us well and standing in our corner praying for us. So, negative people will not ordain what we post and share because ultimately they only have power over u if you allow it. And like the scripture says: “if God is for us who can be against us”.

As always these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets OUT.

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Sharon Armoed
July 9, 2019 at 8:39 pm

I totally enjoyed reading this!

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