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There is this running joke or shall I say comment between my friends that I will always find the hair in my food/ in other words if something could go wrong service wise, then it would happen to me. I never realized it, but this comment actually offended me, how I came to that conclusion is the fact that I always felt the need to explain that it just happened, etc. but lately I don’t feel offended or the need to defend it. I have realized that I deserve excellent service more especially if I’m paying for said service. I always strive to give this, not just at my job but when helping with an event or whatever.

Whenever I did a course at work like basic lifesaving (BLS) or advanced pediatric lifesaving (PALS) the pass mark was always 90 some odd percent and if you get less you re-do it, I didn’t like the pressure of this and I didn’t really understand, even though I never had to re-do it, coz I’m smart like that and I study hard, even though I hate studying. One day I shared my frustrations with someone, not in the medical field and their answer was and I quote “I suppose you can’t only know how to save 50% of someone’s life” and boom MIND BLOWN, go ahead laugh at my ignorance of not thinking this.

I don’t know if it’s my retail experience both supermarkets and clothing side or the fact that I was a nurse or that I currently work with clients daily, but I hate, bad service or poor quality. Then again who loves bad service? I think we have become so accustomed to bad services that we can’t even recognize it anymore. Some people may call me picky, fussy, the always finding a hair in her food type of girl, but why not challenge bad services. Should we just be thankful that Glenda at Shoprite is bagging the groceries that we should look past the fact that she has put cleaning products in with our perishables? Well, I say no ways hozay. I’m not standing for it, I will open up my mouth with no fear of “special orders” coming my way.

After some much thought, I think fighting the man/ the man of bad service that is, comes from my mother (I got it from my mama). I remember some years ago I was still in primary school, maybe, standard 3 aka grade 5, my mother was on annual leave from work so that meant last min shopping at you guessed it Cleary park. I use to love going along back then. Just before we hit the shops my mom announces to my dad and I that she needs to make a quick stop at Russells/Joshua door can’t remember the name but I’ll never, ever forget the events that unfolded in that shop for the rest of my life. Dad decides he will chill in the bakkie, we go into shed shop. When we entered the shop my mom sees a lady that works there, then my mom speaks at the top her lungs calling for a manager, the lady asks my mom in a polite manner if she can help to which mom replies no I’ve asked your help on numerous occasions and you couldn’t so unless you’ve become a manager overnight no you cannot help me, I don’t want to speak to you get me the manager, (this is me, paraphrasing guys, it was much worse). A few seconds later a manager comes and my mom gives her reasons for being upset, the manager listens and nods, apologizes and they work something out. My mom leaves satisfied and true to his word the thing was fixed with something extra to sweeten the deal. That experience has thought me a few things other than I was never to go with my mom to any shop ever again.

The following is what I’ve taken from the above-mentioned situation.

When you have received bad service/product.

·        Try to use your levels of communication, eg if it can be resolved right here, right now then why not do it to avoid escalation.

·        By all means possible try not to raise your voice, insult the person or use any words that you would not want to be used on you.

·        Stick to the point, or reason for your frustration, jumping around won’t help you, it will just seem as if you are just looking for a fight/issue

·        Do not be afraid to ask to speak to someone superior and if they unavailable get contact details or return to the scene of the crime guns blazing(I joke)

·        Follow up, don’t leave it there ask what is going to be done to avoid this in future, how will this be rectified?

When you are on the receiving end of a rude/upset customer

·        Listen carefully, don’t listen to answer listen to understand

·        Try and calm the person down, by remaining calm and not rising to their level, someone needs to keep their head

·        Always remember who you are presenting, so if you react in an unbecoming manner it will be seen as eg Makro people are rude or have no customer service

·     Don’t be afraid to rather walk away, if you feel that this person is not calming down or pushing your buttons, remember you are in your place of employment and the big bosses care only how you portrayed the company image it doesn’t matter how right you were.

·        You have the right to say in a calm manner excuse me I will not be able to help you let me get someone that can.

·        Try to get a to an amicable solution to avoid escalations, people want to feel that they have been heard and helped.   

I know Kimmy, it’s not easy, being on both sides of this situation I get it all too well. And acting like an idiot comes easier than remaining cool calm and collected. Practice makes perfect so in the words of Rihanna try try try try try, try all you got to do is try, try, try, try, try, try

As always these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets OUT.

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