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Teeny Weeny Factory Faults

I know you’ve probably heard this before, and some may even feel this way but, when I say it, it must be true. I have the most wonderful, caring, loving, honest, gentle, appreciative on my body and everything that makes a great kinda husband, husband. He is amazing and I ain’t letting him go. He is such a great communicator that at times I just want to duct tape his beautiful mouth when he is making all kinds of sense that clearly, I don’t want to hear right now. He is so, so perfect guys, however, he has a few itsy bitsy, teeny weeny factory faults.

One of those being he wants me to be more jealous and by more jealous, he means to start being jealous. You see one of my itsy bitsy, teeny weeny factory faults are that I’m not a jealous lover at all. When I see girls being over friendly, like his ex-students at college or the waitresses at the local coffee shop obviously giving him all the attention and free coffees while I end up paying for my cold chai lattes. I don’t react to it, I at times joke about it or ask him to get me some free coffee too I mean I need to benefit from my handsome stud too. Well, he wants me to jump up and grab them by the hair and swing them across the table while marking my territory(him) with urine as the dogs do…… okay I exaggerate.

If I understand him correctly he just wants me to love on him harder or just to show them by my facial expression that I see them and I am not amused. Look I understand this is also a way of me showing him that I don’t want to lose him and that he is desirable to me. Back story time…..

So in my previous what I thought was a serious relationship, which was very toxic, there was no trust at all, both sides were very jealous and possessive. You see guydouch was a serial cheater and was constantly accusing me. I knew he was up to no good but he was so sly I just couldn’t ever catch him red-handed. So the excuses were always there and I would kinda believe it but knew it was all lies. I would literally make it known that he was my guy whenever we were together to whatever girl just dared looking in his direction, not that this was helping or keeping him from cheating, on the contrary, it was like I dared them to go after him.

The last straw was when I left his place to go home after spending a great day together. Unbeknown to him I had to turn around coz I had forgotten something there and had to turn back, less than 5mins has passed and he was him missing and his friend did not want me to come in. That day I realized that it doesn’t matter how I love or protect what is mine, if a guy wants to he will cheat. I realized that he is the one that needs to turn away “these girls” that supposedly come on to him.

So you see, that day I made a promise to myself that I will never look at the girl but rather to the man, his reaction and the situation in whole. I have explained to my husband that he will not be able to handle me in a jealous rage because once I get to that point it means he didn’t handle the situation and that he entertained it and so I have to handle him. so now I have decided that I’ll start pretending to be a bit jealous maybe, but then again he will see through that.

I have realizes that men also need to be loved on and shown that we need them. So while I don’t think I will show jealousy as this is a negative emotion and I don’t want negativity in my life, as mentioned here, from now on I will just have to show him that I don’t want to lose him and that he is my handsome, sexy irresistible Nuna and that I do not want to lose him, not to sports, friends, death and especially not another woman. He is my Nuna and I am his dingetjie and no hoochy mama formed against us shall prosper. And the church says Amen.

As always these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets OUT.  

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