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Sanlam Thinking a-Head

No this is not a post sponsored by Sanlam. And No it’s not about how you need to think about your future and invest, although that is something you should be doing or thinking about in general anyway. Let me start at the beginning or what I think is the beginning.

My husband Mr. Life’s Good (LG for short) and I has the tendency of making fun of each other, our past mistakes and shockingly embarrassing moments. We have a wide range of inside jokes and one-liners that cannot be divulged to anyone, not even for a million bucks (maybe for about a billion yes). In love and life, we’ve had our fair share of crazy moments and embarrassing episodes. This has given us ample ammunition to shoot naked bullets at each other.

Over the past 9 years of being in a relationship, we have learned when to shoot and when to pack up or to not even draw the gun, this came with time and good communication. I am married to the communication king after all. Our physical attributes are not off limits either. As much as my husband compliments my body, I don’t feel offended when he jokes about my length and he doesn’t get mad at me when I say “I nose you”(long nose jokes). He especially finds it funny when I bring up a certain girl on a certain camp for certain people. (Rather don’t ask guys…)

Mr. Life’s Good is on another level though, he is always quick with a punch line and the things he comes up with are sometimes crazy, mostly funny and always from a good place. I suppose he gets this from his family. Growing up with as many siblings as he did, you are bound to hear about your odd-shaped bellybutton or abnormally long toes. The one gag he is especially proud of is the one about my forehead (side story, growing up I hated my big forehead, it was forever shinnying and just stuck out in the crowd literally….. fast forward a few years and I love my forehead which makes space for my fantastic brain and sets off my beautiful eyes) Mr. Life’s Good, calls me Sanlam at times for their slogan “thinking ahead” you’ve guessed it for my big forehead or as some would call it fivehead.

Before you get all judgmental, please understand that I’m good with me and my physical appearance, especially the ones I can’t really do anything about. Some of you might think it unhealthy to be joking on each other and when I pretend to not like it, then people really get offended or think our marriage doomed, but understand this, we get each other, we complete each other, we were made for each other, and we share in everything. We realized long ago that people’s opinions of our marriage do not matter. So what if we joke around, where is it written that we are not allowed to do this; if it comes from a clean healthy place why not.

Forgive me if I forgot the part in our marriage vows that said to always be serious and to never poke fun at each other, but this is what works for us. We love life, we love laughing out loud and finding the funny in situations. Granted I had to “train” him to drop it a notch or two on the funny business. The guy wanted to become a comedian at some stage, secretly still does I think me being the butt of most of his jokes. I would support him wholeheartedly, however, I just don’t see myself handling the fame well. You know the stress of being married to a super successful comedian would not accommodate well with my fivehead.

How I see it, we joke, we laugh, and we live. He will forever be my long-nosed, 4 eyed studmuffin and I will forever be his thinking ahead midget. Who cares what others think, this is our life and we will live it to the last laugh.

As always these are my Naked Bullets. If you have any, shoot right ahead in the comments section below. would love to hear from you.

Bang Bang Naked Bullets OUT.

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